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The Training College will be used to teach practical skills to school students and, external students who have left school & want to develop careers in one or more of our specialised fields.


Our motto is to teach excellence in every field of our training. Students will be taught the basic skills in the field(s) of their choice with an option to develop into masters of their field(s).

The Training College teachers will develop relationships with the students as well as with local and national businesses.  Training will also be offered to non-resident students and especially to the staff of the businesses we partner with. Businesses will be informed of the skill levels of students who have qualified in order to encourage businesses to offer graduating students employment.

As with students attending the on-site school, college students will undergo an appraisal process in order to assess their gifting. The results of these appraisals will be discussed with the students, encouraging them to pursue their God given destinies.

An important element of the college student’s life will be mentoring by ‘spirit-filled teachers’ who will introduce students to their Maker and Creator in the hope that every student becomes a committed disciple.

The curriculum for all students will include important techniques such as:

  1. How to learn effectively
  2. How to learn anything
  3. Diving into deeper learning
  4. How to reach beyond your limits by training your mind
  5. Improving working memory
  6. The psychology of self motivation
  7. The art of doing twice as much in half the time

These and many other subjects will prepare the ground for students to draw maximum benefit from what they are taught.

Other important criteria is for students to recognise that God WANTS to reveal Himself and his plans for individual lives.

Jeremiah 29:13 states: (KJB)

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.