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In order to consider the two ministries of dentistry and medicine it’s important to understand ‘what is the will of God’ and how has He taught us to ‘pray for the sick’?

Having made this statement, let us add that despite the inclusion in the Lord’s prayer . . .

‘Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’,

this prayer has never been fully answered.

We can make this statement because we just haven’t seen ‘things on earth being as they are in heaven’.

Certainly there has been a partial demonstration of the ‘Kingdom of heaven on earth’ - The Apostles and New Testament church experienced much of ‘heaven on earth’ and then through the centuries there have been great revivals, signs, wonders and miracles.

These have all been shadows of the greater manifestation namely, that life on earth is the same as life in heaven.

In order to understand what heaven is like, the scriptures teach us that there is no death or sickness in heaven. Everything is alive and everything glorifies God.

When Jesus spoke about the keys of the Kingdom, he told Peter: “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16:19, The New American Bible). Although some understand this statement to mean that Peter dictated decisions to heaven, the original Greek verbs show that Peter’s decisions would follow those made in heaven rather than precede them. *

Acts 10:19-20 teaches that Peter was subject to heaven when using the keys of the Kingdom. For example, he responded to instructions from God when using the third key.​

We believe just as knowledge and revelation is increasing, so too will our ‘understanding’ of how we can employ the ‘keys of the kingdom’ in far greater measure.

As we obtain greater revelation, we will better understand how and what to release both in heaven and earth.

We believe that demonic and satanic influences play a far greater role in disease and sickness than is currently acknowledged or understood. The binding of these influences will see greater ‘releases’ taking place in the human body.

Part of an interview conducted with S.J. Heald for Heaven Connect. The entire interview can be found here.        Jun 25, 2014

Why Are Some People Not Healed?


Some Christians are filled with faith and live a holy life, and yet they are suffering with illness and health problems. Also there are sick children, such as those with terminal illness like cancer. Why are these not healed?

Praying Medic:

This is a delicate issue and unfortunately, it’s one that has been greatly misunderstood. I don’t think it will help anyone if I tip-toe around this subject, so I’d like to give an honest answer that will probably be hard for many people to accept and frankly, will make some people angry.

Much of the disappointment and heartache that comes from failed attempts at healing is due to misconceptions about God and the kingdom of darkness. Many of us believe that God can heal whomever He wants and that if someone is not healed, it must be because God doesn’t want them healed. That’s a bit like saying if someone doesn’t get saved it’s because God doesn’t want them to be saved. There’s an entire school of theology built around this idea, but the truth is that divine healing simply doesn’t work this way.

Actually, there is very little in the kingdom of God that does.

John Wimber was given a vision from God that illustrated the problem we’re discussing. This is how he described it in his book Power Healing:

“Suddenly in my minds eye there appeared to be a cloud bank superimposed across the sky. But I had never seen a cloud bank like this one, so I pulled my car over to the side of the road to take a closer look. Then I realized it was not a cloud bank, it was a honeycomb with honey dripping out on to people below. The people were in a variety of postures. Some were reverent; they were weeping and holding their hands out to catch the honey and taste it, even inviting others to take some of their honey. Others acted irritated, wiping the honey off themselves, complaining about the mess. I was awestruck. Not knowing what to think, I prayed, “Lord, what is it?”

He said, “It’s my mercy, John. For some people it’s a blessing, but for others it’s a hindrance. There is plenty for everyone. Don’t ever beg me for healing again. The problem isn’t on my end, John. It’s down there.”

When people have sought prayer for healing repeatedly to no avail, there is a strong temptation to believe that God has a divine purpose for our sickness or that He simply doesn’t want to heal us. It’s just human nature to think this way. This is despite the fact that the bible teaches that God sees both sickness and death as His sworn enemies and despite the fact that there isn’t one passage in the bible that plainly teaches that sickness is used by God for any kind of divine purpose. In order to better understand how healing works, let me draw a comparison with something most of us are more familiar with.

Healing, like salvation is not a sovereign act of God. Rather, it is accomplished when we do what God commissions us to do. Salvation comes as a result of man proclaiming the gospel. The proclamation of the gospel is a task that has been delegated to man as God’s representative and salvation depends upon our obedience. People are saved when men and women preach the gospel faithfully. If people are not saved, it is not because God doesn’t want them to be saved. It is because we’ve failed to proclaim the message we were given. Healing operates in the same way, through God’s representatives – the church.

God sent Jesus into the world to reveal his will concerning healing. Jesus didn’t just heal a few people that the Father chose here and there. He healed entire villages of all who were sick and demon possessed. He also raised the dead and he commissioned his disciples to do the same things He did. If we believe that God wants people to become sick and die at a young age– we must explain why He sent His Son into the world to defeat sickness and death and why He commissioned His disciples to carry out the same plan after He ascended into heaven.

The ministry of Jesus sent a clear message to the world that God is opposed to sickness and death. If it is the will of God for man to be sick, no one in history violated the will of God more than Jesus. Just as God desires all men to be saved, He also desires all men to be healed. Jesus gave us, His disciples all the power and authority we’ll ever need to deal with sickness and death. Once He gives us authority to do something, He is no longer responsible for doing it – we are. The ball is now in our court and it has been for 2,000 years. It’s up to us to exercise the authority He has given us.

As God’s ambassadors, it is our job to enforce His will here on earth with regard to healing. If we don’t learn how to conquer sickness and death by releasing healing, people are going to die.

Most people have never been trained or equipped to heal the sick, raise the dead or cast out demons, even though these are the most basic things Jesus taught His disciples to do. When healing doesn’t happen, it is not because God wants people to be sick– it is because His ambassadors have failed to use the power and authority they’ve been given.

Many of us try to put the responsibility back on God because we don’t want to admit that we’ve failed to take our responsibilities seriously. This is the reason why I wrote my book on healing. My heart’s greatest desire is to train and equip the saints to do the work God commissioned us to do.

We have included this interview, featured with the Praying Medic to emphasise that prayer will form an important component of our Dentistry and Medical Clinics.

In addition to prayer, we are trusting for new discoveries of the healing properties of herbs and plants which will be supplementary to the healing process.

Naturally, we will also employ standard, recognised medical and dental practices, all in the hope of providing wholeness and health to all of God’s creatures.